Friday, 24 February 2012


We often play football during evening in year 2007. Even me and my friends believe those were the best days we have spent together. After work we will gather in a ground to play football. Sometimes the locals will join Us. We really have find a nice pass time in the evening.
everyone knows Nigerians are born footballers have good stamina. One time they invite us to play friendly match. Wowwoow.. We think a lot and said ok. We know its very challenging task for all of us. But we all decided lets see what happen. I still remeber those days some of my collegues have went back to India for vacation and few of us are left. So it was agreed that we will include some locals. So finally that evening arrieved on which we have to play match. Everyone among us was excited. We know that its difficult task to face nigerian in Football but we have taken up the challange. So on that evening after work we gather in the near by stadium to play football. Directors of JSIT were also invited in that match to watch.

Nigerian World Cup team 2010( this is not the team we played with..ha.ha..)

We know that we cannot match in stamina with Nigerians but still we keep trying running here and there to manage the football. The oppnents started well. But we were also not so bad. After few min we have earned the penality kick. But hard to believe that i missed the golden chance. I straight away kick it into the hands of goal keeper. My college becomes a bit upset to see me loose golden change.

But we never loose hope. In the second half i got the pass from one of my friend and i coverted into the goal. Wow what a relief. hard to believe that we were leading. Our defence was strong as we have stopped the nigerians from doing any goal in first half. But soon after my goal they equlize with a brillant shot aimed at the right side of the goalkeeper.

We were in the dying minites when one of the follow given to us by the opponent team, because we are short in number convert one beautiful pass into the victory goal. we cant believe we have won the match..
wow..hurrah..all of us become so happy.

Wowo..still my face glow with smile when i think of those days..I am sure..almost none of my colleage can forget those moments and neither do i. Its not about the victory but its all about the time we spent together there.

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