Friday, 24 February 2012


We often play football during evening in year 2007. Even me and my friends believe those were the best days we have spent together. After work we will gather in a ground to play football. Sometimes the locals will join Us. We really have find a nice pass time in the evening.
everyone knows Nigerians are born footballers have good stamina. One time they invite us to play friendly match. Wowwoow.. We think a lot and said ok. We know its very challenging task for all of us. But we all decided lets see what happen. I still remeber those days some of my collegues have went back to India for vacation and few of us are left. So it was agreed that we will include some locals. So finally that evening arrieved on which we have to play match. Everyone among us was excited. We know that its difficult task to face nigerian in Football but we have taken up the challange. So on that evening after work we gather in the near by stadium to play football. Directors of JSIT were also invited in that match to watch.

Nigerian World Cup team 2010( this is not the team we played with..ha.ha..)

We know that we cannot match in stamina with Nigerians but still we keep trying running here and there to manage the football. The oppnents started well. But we were also not so bad. After few min we have earned the penality kick. But hard to believe that i missed the golden chance. I straight away kick it into the hands of goal keeper. My college becomes a bit upset to see me loose golden change.

But we never loose hope. In the second half i got the pass from one of my friend and i coverted into the goal. Wow what a relief. hard to believe that we were leading. Our defence was strong as we have stopped the nigerians from doing any goal in first half. But soon after my goal they equlize with a brillant shot aimed at the right side of the goalkeeper.

We were in the dying minites when one of the follow given to us by the opponent team, because we are short in number convert one beautiful pass into the victory goal. we cant believe we have won the match..
wow..hurrah..all of us become so happy.

Wowo..still my face glow with smile when i think of those days..I am sure..almost none of my colleage can forget those moments and neither do i. Its not about the victory but its all about the time we spent together there.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I can never forget this incidence in my life. becase this is the first time i have seen the gun so close to my mouth.

I still remember it was mid of december me and my friends are travelling back to India for holidays. I was very excited as I was coming home after long time to meet my beloved parents. We have to catch the flight  from lagos without knowing it is a bad day. Our flight form kano to Lagos get delayed. I was very nervous and scared as i dont want to miss my flight to india. Moreover,  we reached 2 min late at the check in counter. I and my collegue were desperate to know that lady in-charge has refused us to check - in bag. Where the hell people are so strict.That pretty emirates lady tall and big refused us and my heart sank deep. As my mind was never ready to accept that i missed my flight to india which was still 1 hrs later for those passenger who have already checked in.

Sorry sir, you are late

Only 2 minute late...

Walking with head down we are heading towards those things for which we are not prepared. We take the help of protocol officer and it was already evening.  He found a hotel for us. With heart filled with sadness but stomache is empty , we curse our bad luck , we did not know that the worst is still waiting ahead. what to do tomorrow?
We asked the hotel waiter where is the nearest bakery. He show us one next to the hotel. It was around 7 o clock in the evening , I and my frinds decided to go and purchase bread and something to eat. We just came out form the big iron gate of hotel. We hardly walked 10 steps, my worst moment in life arrived. 2 guys  on bike much smaller than us see us coming . One guy suddenly jump down and pointed the gun at me and try to rob me. There was a drum was beaten like crazy inside my chest. Oh my god, that cold steel thing was so so close to me.
 Only his finger move then...  I was wearing the jeans then it was hard for him to take the money out. He tried couple of times but could not. Then he turns towards my college and start putting hands in his pant pocket. My friends was holding his passport in the pocket. So when the guy tried to take out the passport my friends hold his hand. The guy shouted that we will shoot you, shoot you. The other guy on the bike was watching form 2 metres behind and started his bike.  But this guy could not able to manage anything out. So may be out of fear that soon someone will come or the fear that we will overocome he start moving away while pointing gun on us and shouting I will shoot you. Soon he turned back and site on bike and run away.

I will shoot both of you
Wow............ After this incidence, me and my friend without even speaking anything we immediately turn back to hotel. It took us a moment to narrate the whole incidence in front of my college who are waitng for food in the hotel.
That night we dont eat anything and slept like that..
Whenever I think about that night I found that I was lucky. As someone told  that there are the robbers dont think twice before shooting you. God blessed me, or even blessed that 2 guys. Sometimes we find the most luck in the worst day like that.

Friday, 17 February 2012


People in the place we stayed like gossip and keep asking question .

If one man ask a nigerian why people in Nigeria questions a lot. The Nigerian would reply, "who said that?" Again with a question.

Thats the place i started eating non-veg. Roasted chicken is really good.  


Kosai ( My favorite)

chin chin

 Meat is the common food. In hausa food i tried moi moi, chin chin, kosai....(easy to remember the name of food, right?)
The country has two main religions Muslim and Christian, Muslim dominates in northern part of Nigeria and Chistianity dominates Southern part of Nigeria.

My favourite is kosai(hausa) akara( yoruba). They are perfect snacks for me. Every evening after work, my friend and I ride achaba ( Motor bike) to market, have snack then play volleyball in the court inside the Ministry of Kazaure near by..

One day after exciting volleyball match, I was walking on the main road.A small girl holding her mother's hand were walking toward me. The cute girl suddently left her mother 's hand started calling "bature" with joyful voice , running toward me (Actually, she was wrong.. this word "bature" is used for white people( Britishers)) She held my hand and swing , look at me with pure eyes, brightly smiling. She only left my hand after her mom kept calling her back. Sometimes happiness is simple like that, just an innocent smile of a kid.

What if we can behave like kids, easy to hold one's hand and easy to show affection no matter race or religion. AH, this remind me the guy name Michael Jackson with his song "Heal the world" , I don't craze for him, but somehow appreciate his song with wonderful message of peace. I hope God can regconize him in paradise, who is on earth this "bature" guy??? I dont make Michael Jackson like that... Ok, it is his story...

Miss Nigeria. Beauty is everywhere on earth.

People like vivid and vibrant color. Which you can notice in the dress they wear. It seem they want add more color to their land , where color of burnt grass and dirt is dominant.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


What a young guy dream of after graduated from university??? While Bill Gate leave his school in between, I finished it and eager to be employee for talent one like him. Step in to life, I know I start an journey, although our real journey go on in different way that I expect. 

It was a lazy afterternoon of mid march when i was lying in my room, I got a call from one of my best friend. He asked me to go to nigerian embassy and give the interview.  What the hell he is thinking? Africa? The black continental where zebra and elephant roaming around as I have seen in discovery channel. A developing country is struggling with unlimited social problem. I obviously hesitated.  During that time lots of nigerians were in news because of drug trafficking.

                    "Africa" bring to my mind this

Then I laugh at myself."Come on guy, what are you thinking, I am thinking follow stereotype and surely it is only part of reality. If anyone read on news about explode in mumbai and dont dare to visit our "incredible India" then it is sillly.  Chalo, Get up and go. Simple.

 I was offered to come there to work as a lecturer for a university. At the same time, I came to know that i have got selected in IIT Rookee MBA programme which is one of the most prestigious insititute in india . My parents encourage me to join it, they would be proud  to have a son finish master.... Yet, I choose to take the risk. I want to travel Africa, I want to work outside India to struggle with new culture. I was so young to choose safe life.

Finally,  i decided to go and post my resume there. Since there my life adventure has begin.

I  was thinking that  Nigeria it is a land of green forest, Lions, Elephants.  Once i arrive there it was a place with less tress and sun is always on the top.

and my real "Africa"_ institute where i worked

The best part was the people of kazaure. They show special respect to me. I still remember when i just arrived in kazaure and go along with my college to purchase household things, few vendors refused to take money (kudi) from us.  Anyway, we always have to force them to take it.  I believe nowhere in world anyone  give such kind of respect  to an outsider as in kazaure. I start to feel attached to these friendly people there like that.